Using Eclipse for developing .NET apps

Who said eclipse is only for java development

Follow these simple steps to create/run your mono apps on eclipse:

1. get Eclipse
2. get JRE
3. ensure you have the JRE path in your PATH environment variable
4. get Improve's C# plug-in
5. open eclipse pull File->New->Project and choose 'Simple' on the dialog presented
6. File->New->C# File

Your new file will be filled in with a simple template of a C# program

more on..eclipsing mono
more on...eclipsing .NET

dotnetraj at 12:07:01 pm on 3/8/2005

Socket Workbench V3.1

Socket Workbench is a tool for analyzing socket communications. It can be configured to run as a socket client or server, or you can run it in pass-through mode to intercept socket communications without packet sniffing. You can send and receive both text and binary data that you have typed in or read from a file. It can be used to "stress test" servers and clients. It's ideal tool for analyzing HTTP and SMTP as it includes a library of common protocols.


dotnetraj at 11:19:19 am on

Microsoft XNA Studio

Microsoft announced XNA Studio a Microsoft's game development platform. Its mission is to enable developers to help contain costs while allowing developers to create better games, faster and across consumer platforms

XNA Studio will enable enhanced collaboration between content creators, programmers, management and QA staff to speed the game production process. Based on Microsoft's Visual Studio 2005 Team System, the latest innovation of the flagship development platform, XNA Studio is the "Visual Studio" for game development; an integrated, team-based development environment tailored for game production.


dotnetraj at 12:45:26 pm on 3/7/2005

layout change

Hey! did you noticed new layout of this page;)

dotnetraj at 2:43:57 pm on 3/4/2005

Monoppix 1.0 download rush

due to heavy downloads of Monoppix 1.0 ....its direct link is taken down. But there is torrent links anywayz. All you need to do to get the iso file is to install any torrent software...blogtorrent or bitorrent

After downloading the iso..just burn the iso to a cd or mount it to some emulator and you are ready for mono/.NET experience on it's own linux version.

dotnetraj at 10:47:51 am on

Reduce False Sharing in .NET

software that performs well in a single threaded environment do not always perform as expected in multiprocessor/multithreaded environments. There are many well known non-platform specific issues with multithreaded applications running on MP systems. One of the most well known issues is that the processor cache line reloads due to what is known as false sharing. These misses effectively undo the scaling benefits of adding additional processors to systems. It forces the memory subsystem to reacquire data into the processor cache for every memory load/store a worker thread performs on certain types of global data.

Unfortunately, the .NET framework hides most of the logic that would allow you to overcome false sharing in a native environment. Memory management, both allocation and garbage collection is handled inside the .NET framework with very little exposure for you. The .NET framework does this to keep up the promise of writing once run on many platforms. But, the tradeoff is a significant scaling and performance impact on your multithreaded code.


   Take either of the following two possible approaches: 

  • Pad each thread's data element to ensure that elements owned by different threads all lie on separate cache lines. 
  • Use a local copy from stack for all updates, and then perform a global update that reflects these updates to the global entity.

False sharing problems can also be identified during the tuning stage using the VTune™ Performance Analyzer, and the appropriate measures can be taken in that stage to address this problem. In all cases, developers should avoid false sharing by carefully dividing the work among the threads to cache line boundaries.

source: intel

dotnetraj at 10:27:25 am on

yahoo b'day

grown from David & Jerry's Guide to the World Wide Web (which was a short list of websites) to Yahoo! .....Yahoo is celebrating today it's 10th B'day.... by giving away ice creams!! .... to claim urs click here
If you noticed yahoo is using Jonathan J. Harris's tenbyten (10x10) for a 10 years flashback

dotnetraj at 9:10:35 pm on 3/2/2005

Microsoft Patterns and Pracices Digest

get your's  free copy of Microsoft Patterns and Practices Digest from

dotnetraj at 3:56:36 pm on


Deployment problems?Welcome to microsoft open source solution WiX (or Windows Installer XML) toolset for creating MSI

What's in the box:

dark.exe              decompiler
candle.exe           compiler 
light.exe              linker 
wix.xsd                schema for MSI/MSM files 
lit.exe                  library tool
tallow.exe            code generation tool

you need to decompile your msi (generated from vdproj file) file via dark to .wxs
then you can generate binaries (.ibd) files by orca(from Microsoft Platform SDK) or by dark /x option
then compile it by candle to generate wixobj and link via light to get required MSI/MSM.

wix xml source file (.wxs) looks somthing like this...

<?xml version='1.0'?>
<Wix xmlns=''>
   <Product Id='000C1109-0000-0000-C000-000000000046' Name='TestAssemblyProduct' Language='1033' Version='' Manufacturer='Microsoft Corporation'>
      <Package Id='000C1109-0000-0000-C000-000000000046' Description='Test Assembly in a Product' Comments='Test from: wix\examples\test\assembly\product.wxs' InstallerVersion='200' Compressed='yes' />

      <Media Id='1' Cabinet='' EmbedCab='yes' />

      <Directory Id='TARGETDIR' Name='SourceDir'>
         <Directory Id='ProgramFilesFolder' Name='PFiles'>
            <Directory Id='TestAssemblyProductDirectory' Name='testassm' LongName='Test Assembly'>
               <Component Id='TestAssemblyProductComponent' Guid='00030829-0000-0000-C000-000000000046'>
                  <File Id='TestAssemblyProductFile' Name='assembly.dll' essembly='.net' KeyPath='yes' DiskId='1' src='$(env.WIX)\examples\data\assembly.dll'/>

      <Feature Id='TestAssemblyProductFeature' Title='Test "ssembly Product Feature' Level='1'>
         <ComponentRef Id='TestAssemblyProductComponent' />

what may integrate it with your NAnt scripts.


dotnetraj at 9:20:18 pm on 2/24/2005

Imagine what's up

The Imagine Cup is here again with Global recognition and cash prizes totalling $215,000!

You could be competing for cash prizes totalling $215,000 if you progress all the way to the worldwide finals in Japan. And if you win, you'll achieve global recognition as well as getting your hands on a bumper cash prize that could help you to pay off your student loan and get your career off to a dream start. The world finals will be held in Yokohoma, Japan at the end of July, 2005

What more if you register before April 1st You get FREE copy of Microsoft Visual Studio 2003.
And, If you Go on to compete and you could get a FREE copy of Microsoft Office 2003 Standard


dotnetraj at 8:51:30 pm on
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