Yahoo 360 Degree turn

Yahoo has come up with Yahoo360° which is some what a MSN Spaces clone which will integrate all yahoo services including your personal blog. Although this also is currently in beta, if you dont' have an invitation yet then you may join the public beta waiting list here

dotnetraj at 12:36:25 pm on 3/31/2005

Yahoo mail storage increasing to 1Gig

Yahoo on Tuesday said it plans to once again boost its free e-mail storage limit--this time to 1GB, the same amount offered by archrival Google. Beginning in late April, Yahoo will upgrade free users to the new storage limit of 1GB, up from its current 250MB. The company said it will take about two weeks for all Yahoo Mail users to see the boost. Hotmail still offers only 2 MB(250 to some users) in it's free web mail service.

dotnetraj at 6:53:56 pm on 3/23/2005
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XHTML compliancy and ASP.NET

Some times you'll need for various reasons that your web page is XHTML compliant. However the HTML generated via ASP.NET doesn't validate too well against XHTML 1.0. When one uses <form runat="server"/>, the generated HTML will add a name attribute to the form tag. This is invalid XHTML. The hidden box named __VIEWSTATE needs to be enclosed in a <div> tag. And client-side script blocks should be using type="text/javascript" rather than language="javascript".

People have complaint this so often, some even come up with work arounds and some with their own XHTML Web Controls for ASP.NET

Thought the html generated via ASP.NET 2.0(whidbey) is expected to be XHTML compliant.

you may download a pdf about Validating XHTML within .NET
alternatively u can also  use SgmlReader 1.4  to convert html produced to xhtml

dotnetraj at 7:12:01 pm on 3/22/2005

Deep inside your Hard Disk...

Ever wondered why your hard disk is full? Or what directory is taking up most of the space? When using conventional disk browsing tools, such as Windows Explorer, these questions may be hard to answer. With SequoiaView however, they can be answered almost immediately. SequoiaView uses a visualization technique called cushion treemaps to provide you with a single picture of the entire contents of your hard drive. You can use it to locate those large files that you haven't accessed in one year, or to quickly locate the largest picture files on your drive

Download SequoiaView from here

dotnetraj at 12:14:42 pm on 3/21/2005

Grid Computing in .NET

Alchemi is an open source software framework that allows you to painlessly aggregate the computing power of networked machines into a virtual supercomputer and to develop applications to run on the grid.

It has been designed with the primary goal of being easy to use without sacrificing power and flexibility.

Alchemi includes:
  • The runtime machinery (Windows executables) to construct computational grids.
  • A .NET API and tools to develop .NET grid applications and grid-enable legacy applications.

dotnetraj at 9:47:42 am on

Why C#= C Sharp?

Ever wondered why C# is pronounced C-Sharp and not C-Hash or C-Pound?.. Well if you already play Guitar or ever composed  a ringtone for your cell phone you already know what that means...In Guitar for chords based on a chromatic root note (Bb, F# etc), the chords are always listed under the equivalent sharp note. This means that Bb chords are listed as A# and Db as C# and so on...

Flat note Equivalent sharp note
---------- --------------------------
Bb          A#
Db          C#
Eb          D#
Gb          F#
Ab          G#

So now you know how to play (with) C#;)

dotnetraj at 12:28:08 pm on 3/18/2005

New language G#... on the AOP horizon

Ernest  is working on G#(The Generative Programming Language) an Aspect Oriented Language with type-safe code generation capabilities.According to him Its purpose is to generated type-safe code that is injected into a code base at compile-time and run-time. The syntax is a superset of C# 2.0. Unlike other code generation techniques as CodeSmith (Which is a great tool / language), G# is not intended to produce code as a starting point or code for consumption. Instead, G# uses Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) techniques to inject code into the client code. We will quickly cover the basics of AOP since it is still new to most developers.

you may download G# spec from here
Other interesting read: nemerle language for .NET

dotnetraj at 12:18:57 pm on

Code Camp III - Downloads

you may download Code Camp III's session material here

dotnetraj at 10:37:31 am on

Happy St. Patrick's Day

wish u all a very Happy St. Patrick's Day !!!

dotnetraj at 10:35:41 am on 3/17/2005

ODP.NET OpenWithNewPassword

Oracle allows users' password to expire. ODP.NET lets applications handle the password expiration by providing a new method, OpenWithNewPassword, that opens the connection with a new password.
The following code snippet uses the OracleConnection OpenWithNewPassword method to connect with a new password of panther:
// C#
OracleConnection con = new OracleConnection();
con.ConnectionString = "User Id=scott;Password=tiger;Data Source=oracle;";
// Here the con.Open() fails if the password has expired.
// An application catches this and attempts to reconnect with a new password
// of "panther". The initial connection string must remain intact.

try {
catch {

dotnetraj at 12:27:44 pm on 3/16/2005

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