Moving to new blog...

I'll be moving to my new blogspace at

Thanks a million Paschal , for providing me my new web space

dotnetraj at 1:45:50 pm on 4/15/2005
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Analyze HTTP/HTTPS requests in IE

IEWatch is a nice plug-in for Microsoft Internet Explorer that allows you to analyze HTTP/HTTPS requests and the HTML source code. Quite handy when working with ASP.NET applications.

You may download it from

dotnetraj at 7:21:15 pm on 4/14/2005

Microsoft Indic Developer Challenge

Think Local. Win Big. Create the next killer application / solution for Indian Languages and you could win a cool Toshiba Tablet PC! 5 Windows powered Smartphones and other cash prizes to be won!

As part of its efforts to encourage development of IT applications in Indian languages, software major Microsoft Corporation India has launched 'Indic Developer Challenge',  a nation wide contest aimed at budding local language developers in engineering colleges.

The company has decided to hunt local talent at engineering colleges and provide them necessary technical support for development of applications with interface in any Indian languages.

As a first step of this contest, Microsoft has reached out to the students directly through technical festivals at the IITs in Delhi and Mumbai and other prestigious institutions, to create awareness about the contest.


dotnetraj at 9:47:23 am on

ICT Expo - Event Alert

ICT Expo, Ireland's annual Information and Communications Technology event, is on April 13th & 14th at the RDS Main Hall and will attract over 5,000 visitors

Date& Times

Wednesday April 13th 9am - 5.30pm
Thursday April 14th, times 9am - 5.30pm

Venue Information

Main Hall,
Dublin 4


dotnetraj at 2:45:05 am on 4/13/2005

Yahoo 360 invites...

ok I have 100 Yahoo 360 invites... if you want one just leave a comment

dotnetraj at 2:39:40 pm on 4/12/2005
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And the award goes to...

BrainBench has announced Annual Bench Games results.  Over 200,000 tests were completed by citizens from 182 countries during the 2-week event.

India came up with the Most Certified Citizens award.
while US the first runnerup and Ireland was at position 33.

PS: So now I'm BrainBench Certified in - .NET Framework, C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, XSL, XML, JavaScript, HTML ;)

dotnetraj at 11:38:33 pm on 4/11/2005


dotnetraj at 6:40:12 pm on 4/7/2005

Yahoo 360 Degree turn

Yahoo has come up with Yahoo360° which is some what a MSN Spaces clone which will integrate all yahoo services including your personal blog. Although this also is currently in beta, if you dont' have an invitation yet then you may join the public beta waiting list here

dotnetraj at 12:36:25 pm on 3/31/2005

Yahoo mail storage increasing to 1Gig

Yahoo on Tuesday said it plans to once again boost its free e-mail storage limit--this time to 1GB, the same amount offered by archrival Google. Beginning in late April, Yahoo will upgrade free users to the new storage limit of 1GB, up from its current 250MB. The company said it will take about two weeks for all Yahoo Mail users to see the boost. Hotmail still offers only 2 MB(250 to some users) in it's free web mail service.

dotnetraj at 6:53:56 pm on 3/23/2005
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XHTML compliancy and ASP.NET

Some times you'll need for various reasons that your web page is XHTML compliant. However the HTML generated via ASP.NET doesn't validate too well against XHTML 1.0. When one uses <form runat="server"/>, the generated HTML will add a name attribute to the form tag. This is invalid XHTML. The hidden box named __VIEWSTATE needs to be enclosed in a <div> tag. And client-side script blocks should be using type="text/javascript" rather than language="javascript".

People have complaint this so often, some even come up with work arounds and some with their own XHTML Web Controls for ASP.NET

Thought the html generated via ASP.NET 2.0(whidbey) is expected to be XHTML compliant.

you may download a pdf about Validating XHTML within .NET
alternatively u can also  use SgmlReader 1.4  to convert html produced to xhtml

dotnetraj at 7:12:01 pm on 3/22/2005

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