Entry: Some Obfuscators for .NET 3/15/2005

  Demeanor - http://www.wiseowl.com/ 
   An obfuscator for .NET applications to hinder decompilation

  Dotfuscator - http://www.preemptive.com/products/dotfuscator/ 
   Obfuscates to enhance source code security, shrinks to improve efficiency, and watermarks to track the origin of a pirated copy. [Commercial]

  Mangler - http://www.dotnetthis.com/Samples/Mangler.htm 
   A simple .NET assembly obfuscator application written in managed code and running right in
   browser. Includes an assembly explorer / IL disassembler.

  Codework Dotfuscator - http://www.codework.com/dotfus/product.html 
   A Microsoft .NET and dotnet obfuscator that prevents decompilation and reverse engineering dotnet software.

  Salamander - http://www.remotesoft.com/
A decompiler for .NET applications and an obfuscator to hinder decompilation

  Aspose.Obfuscator - http://www.aspose.com/Products/Aspose.Obfuscator/
A .Net assembly obfuscating tool. [Shareware]

  Spices.Net (ex-ILO) - http://www.9rays.net/cgi-bin/components.cgi?act=1&cid=86
Protect .Net assemblies from reverse engineering, with size reduction and speed optimizations. By 9rays.net. [Commercial]

  Thinstall - http://thinstall.com/dotnet/
.NET encryptor, compressor, and pre-run framework checker. [Commercial]

  Eziriz NET Reactor - http://www.eziriz.com 
   Protect .NET applications from reverse engineering by merging any .NET application with native machine code.

  LSW IL-Obfuscator - http://www.lesser-software.com/ilobf.htm 
   Obfuscates .NET assemblies


March 16, 2005   10:38 PM PST
you might also have a look at XenoCode.
March 18, 2005   12:43 PM PST
Thanks for sharing the link lionel...

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